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Pre-Connectorised  FTTH  Indoor  

Emtelle QWKlink pre-connected fibre bundle allows for fibre connectors on both ends, eliminating the need to splice fibres for FTTX drop applications. The pre-ferruled fibre can be blown into ducts, installed along walls or into overhead blown fibre networks. These pre-connected fibre bundles can be blown from 25 metres up to over 1000 metres in new & existing blown fibre routes.


  1. 1.

    Can be connectorised at one or both ends.
  2. 2.

    Reduced skill set & training required for the install.
  3. 3.

    No fibre splicing required for the customer drop.


  • Can be connectorised at one end or both ends
  • SC & LC APC connector options available
  • No fibre splicing required for the customer drop
  • Extremely small storage area for the excess fibre
  • Reduced skill set & training required for the install
  • Massively reduced capex for installation equipment
  • Cost (and space) effective compared to similar products in the market

Product Map

product map

Installation Steps

  1. 1.

    Unpackage and remove contents of the inner reel. Keep these safe.
  1. 2.

    Attach fibre reel to stand, tighten the screw to secure the reel. Adjust depth of resistance screw to control speed of unwinding.
  1. 3.

    Feed the fibre until blowable protection jacket is completely through seals and clamp and attach fibre seal. Close drive wheels to secure.
  1. 4.

    Attach microduct to GS150 and secure, closing the fibre guides and tightening screw. Perform a crash test before installation.
  1. 5.

    Blow QWKlink into the route at a maximum speed of 50-55 m/min.
  1. 6.

    Fit the SC/APC boot protection body.
  1. 7.

    Plug in the QWKlink at the customer connection. Storing excess fibre of up to 30m.
  1. 8.

    Fit the LC/APC boot protection body.
  1. 9.

    Plug in the QWKlink to the splice location, switch on the light.


QWKlink Brochure 2023



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Emtelle QWKconnect is a pre-connectorised fibre drop cable for FTTH that offers product and installation cost savings, and a reduction in installation equipment.



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A pre-connectorised fibre microduct system for internal & external use. This product is intended for use where an installer needs a quick and easy one stop solution for an internal/external drop cable installation.


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