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Our range of accessories to compliment your Pre-Connectorised solution.


Universal Pole Bracket (UPB)

High mechanical strength aluminium alloy bracket for anchoring various aerial hardware onto all types of infrastructure poles.

Galvanised Helical Drop clamp

Galvanised steel helical warped -dead end- cable clamp design to warp around aerial cables to tie-off cables onto pole brackets and drop anchoring points.

Mini drop Clamp

Drop cable clamp featuring an all-plastic UV resistant body and tool less design. Used for securing a round aerial drop cables 3-4mm up to 70m spans.

Triangular Clamp

3-hole anchoring bracket that can be fix onto exterior surfaces by selecting appropriate screws. Used as a termination bracket for customer drop cable clamp.

Connectors & End Caps

Clear Microduct Connectors, End Stop & Reducers

Clear push-fit tube connectors, end caps and reducer connectors suitable for use with FibreFlow microduct to ensure a seamless and airtight connection while blowing fibre cable or fibre bundle.

ELFS - Fibre Lock

Fibre lock system to eliminate lateral movement of terminated fibre bundles due to vibration or thermal expansion / contraction of the duct system. Design specifically for Emtelle FibreFlow products.

Gas Block Microduct Connectors

Gas block connectors provides an in-line seal between the connector, tube and fibre cable preventing gas and water from entering the cable system and leaking into unwanted areas.

Fibre Cable and Miniduct Seal

Split gas / water block tube end seal for installation on new and existing infrastructure to prevent gas and water for entering the cable system. Small form factor tubes and cables seals.

FibreFlow Install Equipment

Fibre Installation Gun (F.I.G.)

F.I.G cable blowing machine. Electrical motor with maximum installation speed of 120meters per minute while operating at 10bar pressure. Supports diameters of 5mm to 8mm duct with 1.0mm to 1.6mm cable. Light weight, handheld and extremely portable drop cable installation machine. Supports cruise control.


AccelAir2 cable blowing machine. Electrical motor with maximum installation speed of 100meters per minute while operating at 15bar pressure. Supports diameters of 5mm to 8mm duct with 1.0mm to 3.0mm cable. Support buckle detection and automatic blowing of 1.0mm to 1.6mm cable.

FibreFlow Airflow Meter

Airflow measuring kit will all accessories required to measure the airflow in a microduct system. Adequate airflow is required to ensure a cable can be blown into a duct system.

FibreFlow connectivity


CommScope FIST-EDSA fibre optical splice and patch closure. The closure is a bespoke solution for termination and patch customer connection onto pre-installed internal patch panel. The panel support up to 48 customer connections.


CommScope OFDC fibre optical splice closure range is designed to support a wide range of distribution and drop cable. Modular and suitable for splicing or connectorized drop cable. Compact design suitable for aerial or underground deployment.


CommScope Flat-Fist GCO2 fibre optical splice closure with 8 entry ports. Modular design to suite a wide range of cable and splicing application. With 2 standard base designs supporting up to 144 splices.

Budi Box

CommScope BUDI fibre optical splice closure for external or internal Wall mount application. designed as a distribution point with up to 36 optical splices.

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