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Emtelle’s Multifu is a protected microduct bundle with pre-installed fibre unit. This allows for increased rollout speeds and reduced skill requirements. The innovative design of Multifu – pioneered by Emtelle – also enables reduced CAPEX per homes passed and homes connected from day one.


  1. 1.

    Pre-installed fibre in tube bundle ensuring installation in one process.
  2. 2.

    Easy to install, assemble and use products.
  3. 3.

    Reduces capex per home passed and home connected on day 1.


  • Reduce CAPEX per home passed and home connected on Day 1.
  • Easy to install, assemble and use products.
  • Reduce the skill requirements.
  • Minimise installation time and reduce failure rate.
  • Increase roll out speed.
  • Lower upgrade and maintenance costs for the lifetime of the network.
  • Adapted for low cost construction techniques e.g. Narrow trench & Shallow depth burial.

Product Map

product map

Installation Steps

  1. 1.

    Tools Required; Sheath Stripper P/C 9728, Microduct Rotational Cutter P/C 7299, Heavy Duty Scissors P/C 7039, Flat Head Screwdriver.
  1. 2.

    Remove the sheath but do not throw away. The selection of microduct can now be made.
  1. 3.

    Once the blade is set, position the cutter where the cut is needed. Rotate 2-3 times, enough to score the microduct.
  1. 4.

    Snap the microduct on the score mark made. If the microduct does not snap easily, repeat the previous step at the same position. Pull out the required amount of fibre.
  1. 5.

    Ensure a connector is push fitted onto the end of the customer drop microduct and insert the fibre through the connector and into the microduct.
  1. 6.

    Once all the fibre has been pushed through, the customer drop microduct and connector can be push fitted onto the microduct from the bundle.
  1. 7.

    An end cap is used on the microduct once the fibre has been removed.
  1. 8.

    If two or more customer connection drops are needed, the straight connectors have to be staggered along the length of the longitudinal cut.
  1. 9.

    The sheath that was removed from the microduct bundle at the beginning can now be taped into place, adding additional protection to the microducts and connectors.



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Emtelle’s RTRYVA is a pull back fibre optic cable giving a very flexible FTTX solution.


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