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FibreFast™ Fibre Unit

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Our FibreFast Fibre Unit contains a state-of-the-art, specifically designed polymeric sheath that is optimised for blowing. Tests, for example blowing 500 metres at 50 metres per minute, have shown that the sheath, in combination with the fibre unit’s single layer resin, improves blowing performance by up to 50%. The FibreFast Fibre Unit microcable is extremely easy to use and handle compared to other methods, stripping the fibre can be done quickly with greater reliability. This ensures considerable savings on the costs associated with manpower.

Emtelle Fibreflow ABF (fibre bundle) products are the subject of United Kingdom Patents GB2409908C, GB2409909C, European Patent EP3270203B1 and corresponding patents in other countries. All rights reserved


  1. 1.

    Ease of handling and durability.
  2. 2.

    Optimised for blowing.
  3. 3.

    Compatible with industry-standard blowing equipment.


  • Upto 2000m blowing distance
  • Ribbed sheath
  • Available in MM OM1-OM4, OS1 & OS2, G652d, G657A1 and G657A2
  • Supplied in a fibre pan to ease fibre handling
  • Fibre beads supplied in pan to enable blowing through connectors
  • Supplied in lengths of upto 12,000 metres
  • Dry filler enabling fast stripping & handling
  • Available with different fibre core colours


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Fibre Stripping

  1. 1.

    Open the pan of fibre, there will be stripping instructions and a tube of fibre beads. Keep these in a safe place.
  1. 2.

    Attach the pan arm guide to the fibre pan, feed the fibre through the central eye support of the pan arm guide.
  1. 3.

    From the tube of 25 beads, crimp a bead to the end of the fibre unit.
  1. 4.

    Feed the fibre through the fibre guides and seals into the microduct.
  1. 5.

    Close the blowing unit, set the torque once crash test has been carried out.
  1. 6.

    Set the speed for the fibre to 50m/min, continue to blow the fibre through the desired route.
  1. 7.

    Ensure that there are no bends more than 15 x the diameter of the microduct.
  1. 8.

    Once the fibre is the remove the sheath from the fibre, use the instructions supplied with the fibre pan.
  1. 9.

    Fibre stripped and ready for splicing.


FibreFast™ Microcable

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FibreFast™ is our latest patented fibre cable design, featuring enhanced benefits to the network provider to support their network rollout demands.


FibreFast™ Xtreme

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The Emtelle FibreFast™ Xtreme is the new ultra-thin optical fibre microcable with up to twelve fibres set in an encapsulating layer providing excellent dimensional and thermal stability.


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