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Telecoms Accessories

We can provide a range of accessories and ancillary items such as bends, connectors, tape, spacers, access chambers etc for the telecoms industry.

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  • Organise multiple ducts in a trench.
  • Ensures uniform installation.
  • Unique click designs, extra sections can easily be added.
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Cable Lubricants

  • Use to repair damaged sections of telecoms duct.
  • Size range of 96.5mm and 110mm.
  • Tongue and groove split design sections.
  • Available in Green, White, Grey & Orange.
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Pressure Seals / Building Entry Seals

  • Used to seal cable within duct.
  • Suitable for building entry applications.
  • Gas and watertight sealing solution available in a range of sizes to suit Emtelle duct.
  • Expanding design to ensure a secure fit.
  • Bespoke configurations available to suit a wide range of cable diameters and quantities.
  • High quality 304 stainless steel and EDPM rubber.
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End Caps

  • Prevents the ingress of debris and water prior to duct installation.
  • Available in bags or pre-installed on duct.
  • Easy to install interference fitment.
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Expanding Plugs

  • Prevents the ingress of debris and water after duct installation.
  • Cap can be removed to allow access to threaded shaft to accept rope blowing gun.
  • Available to suit all sizes of Emtelle duct.
  • Heavy duct steel and rubber construction.
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Foam Pigs

  • Used to clean/dry the inside of a duct prior to pulling through cable.
  • Available with rope pre-installed for pulling.
  • Also available in medium density – suitable for blowing (Maintains shape under compressor pressure).
  • Typically followed by a mandrel to prove the duct.
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  • Used for duct proving prior to installing cable.
  • Typically <10% of duct ID.
  • Towing eyes pre-installed.
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  • Used to clean the duct ID prior to duct proving.
  • Alternative cleaning product to the foam pigs.
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  • Available with IF or IRS sockets.
  • 11.25, 22.5, 45 & 90deg available as standard.
  • 3.9m Radius available to suit HV cable bending radius .
  • 1.2m Radius available to suit LV cable bending radius.
  • Bespoke bends are available on request.
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  • Connector Sleeves (IP4X).
  • Ring Seal STOP couplers (IP57).
  • Ring Seal SLIP couplers (IP57).
  • Expansion couplers.
  • Transition couplers.
  • Conductive couplers.
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Termination Box

  • Manufactured from Polypropylene - withstand hot rolled asphalt.
  • Used for terminating tele communications cable.
  • Lid with hinge for easy access.
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Marker Tape

  • Used to mark to location of buried fibre.
  • Alert utility services of the location of buried fibre duct.
  • Shows free Emergency Contact Details.
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  • Step down 95.5mm duct to 53.9mm.
  • Provides a smooth transition for the cable.
  • Available in Green & Grey.
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Access Chambers

  • Preformed access chambers - quick installation.
  • No need for concrete backfill.
  • Meets requirements of BS EN124.
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Swept T

  • Used to take domestic supply from main duct run.
  • Steps down 96.5/110mm to 53.9mm.
  • Smooth sweeping exit.
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Split Duct Repair (Telecom)

  • Use to repair damaged sections of telecoms duct.
  • Size range of 96.5mm and 110mm.
  • Tongue and groove split design sections.
  • Available in Green, White, Grey & Orange.

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