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Telecoms Accessories

We can provide a range of accessories and ancillary items such as bends, connectors, tape, spacers, access chambers etc for the telecoms industry.

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Blown Fibre 24f Fibre Units

  • Fibre Unit (FU) with twenty four fibres set in an encapsulating layer providing excellent dimensional and thermal stability. A low friction outer thermoplastic layer provides properties necessary for installation. The FU is designed for blowing into FiberFlowTM microducts and tube bundles. The fibres are dry, not coated with gel, thus permitting fast and contamination –free connections.
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Split Duct Repair (Telecom)

  • Use to repair damaged sections of telecoms duct.
  • Size range of 96.5mm and 110mm.
  • Tongue and groove split design sections.
  • Available in Green, White, Grey & Orange.
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Swept T

  • Used to take domestic supply from main duct run.
  • Steps down 96.5/110mm to 53.9mm.
  • Smooth sweeping exit.
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Access Chambers

  • Preformed access chambers - quick installation.
  • No need for concrete backfill.
  • Meets requirements of BS EN124.
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  • Step down 95.5mm duct to 53.9mm.
  • Provides a smooth transition for the cable.
  • Available in Green & Grey.
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Marker Tape

  • Used to mark to location of buried fibre.
  • Alert utility services of the location of buried fibre duct.
  • Shows free Emergency Contact Details.
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Termination Box

  • Manufactured from Polypropylene - withstand hot rolled asphalt.
  • Used for terminating tele communications cable.
  • Lid with hinge for easy access.
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  • Connector Sleeves (IP4X).
  • Ring Seal STOP couplers (IP57).
  • Ring Seal SLIP couplers (IP57).
  • Expansion couplers.
  • Transition couplers.
  • Conductive couplers.
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  • Available with IF or IRS sockets.
  • 11.25, 22.5, 45 & 90deg available as standard.
  • 3.9m Radius available to suit HV cable bending radius .
  • 1.2m Radius available to suit LV cable bending radius.
  • Bespoke bends are available on request.
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  • Used to clean the duct ID prior to duct proving.
  • Alternative cleaning product to the foam pigs.
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  • Used for duct proving prior to installing cable.
  • Typically <10% of duct ID.
  • Towing eyes pre-installed.
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Foam Pigs

  • Used to clean/dry the inside of a duct prior to pulling through cable.
  • Available with rope pre-installed for pulling.
  • Also available in medium density – suitable for blowing (Maintains shape under compressor pressure).
  • Typically followed by a mandrel to prove the duct.
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Expanding Plugs

  • Prevents the ingress of debris and water after duct installation.
  • Cap can be removed to allow access to threaded shaft to accept rope blowing gun.
  • Available to suit all sizes of Emtelle duct.
  • Heavy duct steel and rubber construction.
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End Caps

  • Prevents the ingress of debris and water prior to duct installation.
  • Available in bags or pre-installed on duct.
  • Easy to install interference fitment.
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Pressure Seals / Building Entry Seals

  • Used to seal cable within duct.
  • Suitable for building entry applications.
  • Gas and watertight sealing solution available in a range of sizes to suit Emtelle duct.
  • Expanding design to ensure a secure fit.
  • Bespoke configurations available to suit a wide range of cable diameters and quantities.
  • High quality 304 stainless steel and EDPM rubber.
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Cable Lubricants

  • Use to repair damaged sections of telecoms duct.
  • Size range of 96.5mm and 110mm.
  • Tongue and groove split design sections.
  • Available in Green, White, Grey & Orange.
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  • Organise multiple ducts in a trench.
  • Ensures uniform installation.
  • Unique click designs, extra sections can easily be added.

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